Our webhooks provide instantaneous alerts whenever particular events take place within your account. These events encompass various actions, spanning from successful policy purchase to renewal.

To receive these notifications, you will need a POST endpoint on your server that can be called by our system to send you notifications.

Setup Webhook 🪝

Enabling Webhooks on Your Distributor Dashboard

To enable Webhooks, please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Log in to your Distributor dashboard. Then, navigate to the settings page in the navigation bar. From the settings panel, select "Api Key & Web hooks"

Step 2

At the bottom side, you will find the form to enter your webhook URL and save it.

Step 3

Make sure to enable webhooks. Switch tabs to "Preferences". Then, toggle "Enable Webhooks" on.

You can add your webhook URL and enable webhooks for Test or Live environments.

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