After your integration into MyCover.ai, it’s important to check that it works properly before going live. So you don’t have to mess with real data during integration, we provide you with a test environment to imitate real operations from your dashboard.

Regardless of the environment you’re in, you can only send HTTP requests to our API. However, you’re required to make use of the API keys for the intended environment.

To run tests during integration, use the API keys from the test environment on your dashboard. The following are samples of live and test public API keys:

Test public key
const TEST_KEY = 'MCASECK_TEST|1acf339a-d36f-47e7-8e1b-fd0b76b61b0c'
Live public key
const LIVE_KEY = 'MCASECK|ace96fa9-90f3-4da9-9ba5-1b9e90c897e3'

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