We make use of API keys to authenticate requests to the API. Without an API key, any request made to the API will return a 401 error.

Generating Secret API keys

From your distributor dashboard, you can generate a secret API key for the environment you’re in. To get your API secret key, go to Settings > API Key & Webhooks.

For advanced security measures, we recommend using the public key rather than the secret key in public-facing scenarios, such as developing a frontend SDK based on ours or using any of the SDKs. The secret key should be used exclusively for interactions with the APIs from a secure backend environment.

We ask that you keep your API Keys safe as they are unique to you. If you think that the keys might have been compromised, generate a new set of keys from your dashboard.

Authorization method

To authenticate an API request, using HTTPS and the format below, include your secret key in the Authorization header.

Auth header
Authorization: Bearer {SECRET_KEY}

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