MyCover AI


Integrate. Earn. Plug and Play gives you the ability to contribute to deepening insurance penetration and increase its adoption and purchase in Africa.
We make it easy for you to offer tailor-made insurance policies to your customers with an Open Insurance API. Our automated tracking system dynamically optimizes your claims and earnings in real-time. We have expanded the capabilities of traditional insurance by enabling access to real-time data to ensure transparency, prevent fraud and give you full ownership while maintaining security and reliability.
We bring to you every API you need to grow your business in one place giving you complete control over your earnings, customers and products.
To resonate with you and help you understand complex aspects of the API, this developer-friendly guide will help you easily integrate our API and customize it to suit your brand and business.

Before you start...

You'll need the following
  • A distributor account with
  • Get your unique API key from your dashboard.
  • And amazing developers on your team.

Want to jump right in?

Dive straight into each API reference and get started making your first request:
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