Just Plug and Play it with our Flutter SDK


  • Add package mca_flutter_sdk to your pubspec.yaml file

  • Run flutter pub get

  • Add required permission for the image pickers and camera

  • Add the required permission for the geolocation


import 'package:mca_flutter_sdk/mca_official_flutter_sdk.dart';

PurchaseStage typeOfTransaction = PurchaseStage.purchase;
String reference = 'BUY-BWBJMPABGFWKB';

final myCover = MyCoverAI(
    context: context,
    publicKey: '2aa4f6ec-0111-42f4-88f9-466c7ef41727',
    email: 'sample@email.com';,
    productId: [productId],
    form: {
      'email': 'sample@email.com',
      'name': 'Damilare Peter',
      'phone': '08108257228'
    paymentOption: PaymentOption.gateway,
    reference: 'BUY-SMRCECMNYKMHV',
    transactionType: TransactionType.purchase

Additional Information

Add the required permission for image picker on Android and iOS android manifest and info.plist respectively. The SDK depends on image picker. pub.dev

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