This guide is designed to help you easily integrate to our SDK as a distributor. By following this guide, you will set up the SDK for purchasing insurance.


Setting up your project

1. Clone the repository to bootstrap a fresh project:

To clone the repository to your personal computer, run the following command.

git clone <https://github.com/ibuildgenius/buy-insurance.git>

2. Navigate into the project’s directory with the command:

cd buy-insurance

3. Install the project’s dependencies using the commands:

npm install

4. In the mycoverai.js file, replace the YOUR_API_KEY with the public API key from your distributor dashboard.

const config = {

5. Start the project locally in development mode.

Run the following command to start the project in the browser on http://localhost:5173/buy-insurance/

npm run dev

✨ Well done! A browser window should open for http://localhost:5173/buy-insurance/

Testing your project

With everything setup correctly, on launching your browser on localhost:5173, you should be greeted with a simple user interface. Click the "Buy Insurance" button to open up the MyCover.ai SDK widget.

Once you click the button, the SDK is initialised and displays a list of products so you can test purchase.

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