When you integrate our SDK or API as a distributor, we provide additional communication options for you, to your customers. This includes notifying them about purchases, activations, and renewals through various channels such as email or SMS.

Email Notifications:

  1. Purchase Confirmation: When a customer buys a plan.

  2. Registration OTP: Verification code for registration and activation.

  3. Purchase Success: Notification confirming successful purchase.

  4. Activation/Policy Completion: Links for activation or inspection to complete policy registration.

  5. Claim Lodgement: Notification when a claim is lodged.

  6. Claim Offer: Notification when a claim offer is generated.

SMS Notifications:

  1. Policy Details: Sending policy details to the policy owner.

  2. Inspection Success: Notification when an inspection is completed successfully.

  3. Claim Offer: Notification when a claim offer is generated.

Selecting communication preferences

You can customise your notification settings according to your preferences on the distributor dashboard. If you wish to disable all notifications to customers, toggle off all options for notifications.

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