MyCover AI

Vue 3 SDK

Official SDK. Supercharge your product with MyCover AI Insurance offerings. Create embedded insurance offerings or full white label insurance applications that excite your customers.


With NPM

npm install @mycoverai/mca-vue-sdk

From CDN

<script src=""></script>


With NPM

//import package
import mca from "@mycoverai/mca-vue-sdk";
const app = createApp(App);
//import in your template & setup your business configuration by supplying your client id. If product_id is not provided or is an empty array, the SDK will display a list of insurance products for the customer to choose from. You can supply an array of strings, where each string represents an insurance product id, for the user to select from.
<mca :on-close="handleClose" callback="handleSuccess" client-id="[email protected]" :product-id="['a72c4e3c-e868-4782-bb35-df6e3344ae6c']" :form="{first_name: 'Fred',last_name: 'Ebho'}" />
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